Hi…I’m Natalie and I thought a little introduction wouldn’t go astray!

I am proudly from Tasmania, the spectacular island state of Australia, and also proudly a citizen of the world.  Across 30 years, I have learned to transition and thrive as I have lived and worked in Australia, Tanzania, Germany, the Czech Republic, France and, Qatar.

“A master educator, dedicated to applying academic research and theory through honing her craft in schools.”

I have loved all of my roles in schools, as a primary classroom teacher, Physical Education teacher, curriculum coordinator, PYP coordinator, teacher mentor and, most recently, a designer and facilitator of professional learning for teachers and school leaders. My Master of Education studies focused on Global Education Pedagogies, Designing Learning for Professionals and Teacher Identity, Ethics, & Professional Practice.

“Solution-focused…not Session-focused”

In leading professional learning with educators, I prioritise exploring research-based pedagogy and practice and learning together through collaborative inquiry. My approach to working with teachers and school leaders is grounded in connecting teacher learning with student learning.

“Connecting teacher learning to student learning: Professional Learning through Collaborative Inquiry”. 

My work with learners (of all ages!) specialises in unearthing their individual strengths and interests and connecting them with the planned, taught and assessed curriculum, through innovative approaches to learning design and implementation. I am motivated to identify, develop, and share “things that work in classrooms” with dedicated teachers and leaders.

“Being a qualified Cognitive Coach optimises Natalie’s strength in guiding and coaching professional educators.”

Becoming recently qualified as a Cognitive Coach has allowed me to optimise my strength in guiding and coaching professional educators to identify and solve problems of practice, navigate difficult conversations more comfortably and hone in on their own Professional Learning needs and interests, meeting them at the point of their own learning, for the greatest benefit of their students.

When I am not working, I practice and teach Pilates. I am happiest when I am moving: walking, dancing, gardening, swimming, playing with kids (young and young at heart!)…although I do love a quiet moment on the couch with a good book, an afternoon siesta and lolling about on the beach. A special fave are the spontaneous music nights with my hubby Michel, when we turn the volume up, play the congas together and I sing my heart out! My best times are spent laughing and learning with people I love and sitting quietly to have a good look around and let my mind wander and wonder.