Just some of the ITEACH Initiative Online Courses Coming Soon

Getting You Planted In an International School

If you are a teacher or school leader and you are interested in finding a just-right position in an international school, this course will guide you through the steps to securing your ideal position, navigating you around pitfalls, reading between the lines, international school lingo and the right questions to ask.

Homework or Home Learning?

A course designed to guide you in deciding on your purposes for home learning and finding, designing and assigning engaging after-school tasks with your students.

You Teach…I Teach…Let’s Teach Together! 

A course designed to connect you with a cohort of like-minded education professionals to share strategies, problem-solve and grow together, wherever in the world you may be.

Bilingualism, Multilingualism and the Monolingual Teacher.

A course designed for the teacher who is not yet a language learner…in a second language.  A guide to the rich language landscape of international schools and the many language profiles educators encounter in their classrooms and the wide school community.