In Kiswahili, “safari” means journey.

After years of living, working and thriving in Tanzania, the concept of a safari has come to epitomize, for me, the value of a personalized approach to embarking on a journey.

With me as your experience guide, taking you into new territory, you will be supported to discover, decide, and develop the knowledge and tools you need to make the most of your journey.

Every safari starts with a single step, and the one you are about to embark on will change you, change your life and change the way you look at everything.

Here at ITEACH solutions, I will coach you to learn all you need to know about transforming yourself into an international teacher.

Already an international teacher? Let’s design a safari for you to continually be the best at what you do, within the world of international schools.

To begin your personal safari… start the engine!