Vision: Positioning “teachers who learn” in international classrooms…and keeping them there.

To be the partner of choice for:

– Facilitating just-right-fits for aspirational teachers and quality international schools

– Connecting teacher learning with student learning


To prepare and support exceptional, qualified teachers in international teaching careers in the 21st Century by ensuring they have and understand all the necessary information and solutions to successfully secure and thrive in exciting teaching opportunities across the globe.


I value and am committed to leading through thoughtful innovation, agility, and a growth mindset.

I value excellence in teaching. I value excellence in international teachers and I want the best outcomes for the best teachers. I am invested in taking the time necessary to go do a job well. I provide personalised support to my partners through promoting creative and critical thinking within a culture of inspiration.

value honesty, fairness, respect, compassion, professionalism and scholarly ethics.

I respect cultures, individuals, and opinions: encouraging the expression of this through positive action and internationalmindedness.

I value open, clear communication and am committed to establishing and maintaining a community of partners who can look to us, and to each other, for timely, practical, ongoing support.

Collaborative Happiness
I value sharing my thinking and questioning processes with others who have different perspectives and experiences. I acknowledge that individuals cannot always ask their most important questions for themselves.

Through collaboration, I promote possibilities for inquiry, shared responsibility and building relationships…and all of this to promote student learning and growth of the highest quality.